Monsanto found guilty in French farmer poisoning

Monsanto has been found guilty in the poisoning of a French farmer in their recent appeals case. The Lyon, France, courts upheld a 2012 ruling which found Monsanto “responsible” for the poisoning which caused the farmer to suffer neurological problems after using their Lasso weedkiller.

Though Monsanto believes that they will one day win the case on appeal, for now farmers and advocates celebrate.

Monsanto told The Daily Meal after the September ruling that they disagree with the verdict, and stated, “We agree with the court-designated medical experts that none of the health conditions alleged by the claimant may have been caused by the alleged accident.”

Surely the “court-designated” officials have intangible integrity in the midst of a corporate giant trying to save face.

Lasso was banned by France in 2007, and by Canada, Great Britain and Belgium soon after. Monsanto also phased it out of the United States all on their own several years ago.

It’s important to note that Lasso is not the only controversial product Monsanto produces. The World Health Organization has recently stated that glyphosate – used in Monsanto’s Roundup – is likely carcinogenic to humans. Is it really hard to believe that their Lasso product is toxic to humans too? Why else would they willingly take it off the market?


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