Texas teen suffering from stage four cancer says no to chemo, opts for green diet instead

A 15-year-old Texas boy suffering from stage four cancer has decided to quit chemotherapy in favor of alterative medical treatments, including a healthy diet rich in healing foods. Noah Stacy from Katy, Texas, is diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a childhood cancer affecting the bones.

With seven of his family members gathered together an decked out in “Team Noah Fight” T-shirts, his father told FOX 26 News that his son’s cancer has metastasized everywhere, including behind his eye and on his brain’s membrane.[1]

Doctors don’t know how long the boy will live, but say his prognosis isn’t good. Stacy is largely confined to his bed, having little energy to do anything other than play video games.

“I have osteosarcoma cancer,” Stacy told FOX 26. “Stage four cancer.”

Teen boy with stage four cancer chooses healing superfoods over toxic chemo injections

After undergoing five chemotherapy treatments that Stacy says made him feel even worse, he decided to stop going. His family fully supports his decision.

“I want to take the natural approach,” says Stacy. “Eat just green vegetables. Everything green.”

Since then, he’s been loading up on all kinds of nutritious, organic superfoods including strawberries, beats, ginger, kale, carrots, apples, lemons, oranges, red peppers, coconut oil and apricot seeds. Just one week after beginning his new healthy eating regimen, Stacy says he has much more energy.


The family says Stacy’s doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital are unnerved by his decision, urging him to go back on chemo and to try a lower dose. However, his doctors admit that chemo wouldn’t even save his life.

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“Any time we ask how much time we have, they, you can see the emotion in their eyes, it just drops, because they have no success,” said Stacy’s father. “It’s very difficult to think that I won’t have my son in six months.”

“Even if he doesn’t make it through this, I’d rather him have a nice next six months of being happy and energetic, instead of being dragged down by chemotherapy,” Stacy’s mother told FOX 26.

States often subject minors to dangerous and harmful medical treatments

While Texas currently does not have any laws forcing minors to undergo unwanted treatment recommended by the medical establishment, other states haven’t been so kind.

A hospital in Connecticut turned a 17-year-old girl and her family in to the state’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) after they stopped showing up for chemo treatments, as reported by Natural News.[2]

Cassandra Callender, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, said even before her diagnosis she didn’t believe in injecting poison into her body. Her doctors, likely motivated by the enormous profits generated through the cancer treatment industry, told her that she had less than two years to live if she didn’t continue chemotherapy.

Connecticut teen imprisoned by state after refusing chemo treatments, barred from seeing mom

If she did continue chemo, they told her that she had an 85 percent chance of being cured. Firm in her beliefs, the teenager decided to seek alternative treatment, resulting in the hospital taking action against the family.

DCF obtained custody of Cassandra, forcing her to be injected with chemotherapy drugs against her will. Eventually, Connecticut’s highest court reviewed the case, ruling that the 17-year-old was not mature enough to make her own medical decisions, failing to uphold the “mature minor doctrine,” recognized in many other states, which allows mature and competent minors to make decisions about their own medical treatment.

Cassandra has been in state custody since last December and imprisoned at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center while a staffer guards her room to prevent her from leaving. The state refuses to let her go home and has even barred her own mother from visiting her, reported NBC News in April.[3]


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