Here are six DIY table suggestions using common wooden objects like pallets

( Okay, so you’ve decided you needed some more table space in your living room or bedroom but are having trouble coming up with a design idea that is both practical and affordable. Well, never fear.

In all actuality there a number of ideas floating around that are easy to do and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Not only that but you’ll end up with a quality piece of furniture that will be attractive and last for years.

1. The rain barrel table:

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Got an old rain barrel you thought about getting rid of? Don’t – turn it into furniture. Here’s a video on a similar concept, turning an old whisky barrel into a coffee table.

2. Wooden pallet table

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This popular item can be turned into a number of different designs, but here is one an easy one to make. Check out 1001 Pallets as well.

3. Window pane coffee table

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Again, just about any old window pane can be used to make your brand-new repurposed coffee table. Here’s a great presentation from the Hallmark Channel.

4. Repurpose that old farmhouse door

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This is a little larger than your average coffee table but it’s just as handy and easy to make. Here’s a video.

5. Old cable spool table

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Handy and hearty, old cable spools can really fill your table needs. Here’s a short video of one design.

6. Barn door table

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It will hard to match the durability and size of a table made from your old barn door. This video not only teaches you how to build the table but also some benches for it.

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