5 all-natural products you can make for your baby

(Homesteading.news) You’re trying to live a wholesome, frugal life and that’s not easy these days, especially if you’re a new family raising babies. But there are several all-natural products you can make yourself that are low-cost, reusable and very good for the newest addition to your family.

Below are 5 DIY products that you can use for baby’s hygiene and skin care:

1. Baby wash and shampoo:













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Key ingredients: Liquid Castille soap is coconut-based and non-toxic, as well as gentle; sweet almond oil or an oil of your choice; vegetable glycerinorganic aloe vera oil or Vitamin E oil; other essential oils. Click here for a great recipe.

2. Natural baby wipes:

Here’s what you’ll need:

* A roll of heavy paper towels and…

  • A Rubbermaid #6 container
  • A tablespoon of pure aloe vera
  • A tablespoon of liquid castile soap
  • A tablespoon of Witch Hazel
  • A teaspoon of almond oil
  • 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract (GSE)
  • Essential oils of your choice
  • 1 ¾ cups of boiled water that has cooled

Writes Sasha Brown of NaturalNews Blogs:

Using a knife, cut the paper towels in half. Depending on what you’re using for a container, you can fold them accordion style or set them down and cut the side of the container. Mix the water, witch hazel, GSE, castille soap, oil and aloe. Stir it thoroughly, and add your essential oils. Pour the mixture over the towels and wait 5-10 minutes. Make sure the wipes are thoroughly soaked.

3. Baby bottom balm


A sore bottom can sure make baby irritable, but you can make him or her feel better naturally with essential baby bottom balm, so you’ll want to keep some on hand. Here’s a great recipe!

4. Baby lotion

Soothe baby’s dry skin with chemical-free lotion that you apply with love! Try this recipe – there are only two ingredients and mommies and daddies can use it as well. [H/T The Frugal Farm Wife]

5. Teething cream

Oh, my! Eventually baby will start to get his first teeth, and you’ll want something to soothe those sore gums. Give this a try from ModernAlternativeMama.

Keeping your baby happy and healthy naturally is in keeping with your homesteading attitude and lifestyle. Stay tuned for more tips!

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