6 reclaimed wood projects for your home and land

(Homesteading.news) The new “rage” out there, apparently, is making things out of “repurposed” wood – that is, old wood from barns and outbuildings, pallets and aged lumber piles. While it might be “trendy” in urban and suburban circles, homesteaders consider repurposing wood nothing more than reusing a valuable commodity.

But not everyone has the time to spend looking for specific projects for repurposed wood, so the purpose of this post is to give folks who are usually busy tending crops and plants, livestock and other chores, a quick look at what they can do with that old wood sitting out back taking up space, or that old barn that needs to come down anyway.

[Tip: If you’re not interested in making anything with repurposed wood, then at least make some money with it and get in on the “trend” by selling it. If you choose this option, click here to see how best to “harvest” your reclaimed wood.]

Home decor

There is nothing like reclaimed wood and hand-crafted home decor to spruce up a room.


Everyone can use more storage space – right? New shelves can go in your home, your garage, your workshop, or in closets to store housewares, food, tools or just about anything. To see a video of several different shelving ideas, click here.

Dinner table

Tired of your old dinner table? Make a brand-new one from old wood! Here is one design idea.

End tables

You can make a pair of end tables using your old wood as well, including for outdoor use – check out this DIY video to make end tables out of old pallets!

Hall tree

This hearty piece of furniture was made using a piece of old corrugated tin as well. The plans are here.


Image: Minnesota Grass Roots

Looking to better protect a garden or expand a chicken coop? Or maybe you just need to repair existing fences. Either way, repurpose your old wood as fencing is a great way to utilize an existing resource.

Happy building!

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