Make your own natural laundry soap and cleaning supplies

( If you’re environmentally conscientious like many are, you are keenly aware of how modern-day chemicals can cause permanent damage to the surrounding ecosystems. What better way to help preserve the very land you’re using to sustain your family than to adopt methods and practices that won’t harm the environment, right?

One of the ways you can do that is by making your own natural laundry soaps and cleaning supplies. You will be accomplishing two things: You’re clothing and your home will be fresh and clean, and you won’t be causing any damage to the soil.

As reported by the Los Angeles Free Press, “eutrophication” – the enrichment of an ecosystem with chemical nutrients, typically compounds containing nitrogen, phosphorus, or both – is occurring at a quickening pace, polluting streams, rivers and lakes with chemical-laced run-off.

In 1965, under pressure from federal regulators, detergent manufacturers began adding ingredients to make the run-off biodegradable. It helped to a degree; it got rid of the eyesore soap foam in rivers. But biodegradability isn’t enough.

While eutrophication of lakes and ponds can occur naturally as they age, the more common process is that an increasing number are being altered prematurely by run-off.

But you can help reverse that process by using natural cleaning and laundry products you make yourself in your own kitchen. Let’s get started.

— Natural Laundry Soap: One of the biggest contributors to polluted environmental run-off is laundry detergent. Tens of millions of people a day wash their cloths; thousands of hotels and motels wash sheets, pillowcases, towels and tablecloths, and so forth. But it’s possible to reduce the amount of chemical pollutants naturally and get just as good a result from homemade laundry soap.

Here’s a great recipe – fast and easy:



— Natural Dish Soap: There are a lot of different recipes for natural dish soap, but many of them can be too watery or may leave a residue. The below video from provides a recipe born of experience:



— Glass and Countertop Cleaners: Check out the below video from Clean My Space:


— Natural room deodorizers: You can keep every room in your home smelling clean and fresh naturally. Clean My Space has a great recipe: is part of the USA Features Media network of sites.

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