You won’t believe all the cool things you can make with wooden pallets

( They seem like little more than scrap wood, but the fact, wooden pallets can be transformed into a plethora of cool, useful items around your home.

For one thing, reclaimed pallet wood doesn’t just have to be used for furniture; there are all sorts of crafty things you can make with it to make life more efficient, spruce up a couple rooms in your home, give away as gifts and so forth. And all for pennies on the dollar.

First, you should know there are many different types of pallets common in North America and Europe. Here are some of those designs:


Now, check out what you can do with them!

Pallet Wall

For less than $30 you can refit an entire wall in your home with pallet wood. Sand, stain or paint, and nail it to your new-look wall.




Coffee mug hanger

A great way to display your mug collection, this coffee mug hanger makes it easy to put way clean mugs from the sink or dishwasher and easy to grab in the morning for a cup at the table or on the go:


Image: OneLittleBirdBlog



These are just a few designs, but pallet wood is perfect for making rustic-looking furniture, including coffee, end and kitchen tables:

Image and design instructions: Instructables


Planter bookcase

Pallets can be used to make outdoor (or indoor) plant “bookcases” as well:

Image and design instructions: Instructables

You can also decoratively label your pallet bookcase planter:

Image: DumpADay


Got an idea or two for new plants around your homestead? Built a custom pallet planter for each of them:

Image and design instructions: Instructables


Folding desk


But before you get started, here is a short instructional video telling you how to actually take a pallet apart:

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