Vitamin C an Effective Treatment for Cancer

It is common knowledge that you should be taking your vitamin C every day to ensure that you remain in good health, and to load up on it if you are sick with the flu or a cold.

But did you know that vitamin C — especially liposomal vitamin C — has been shown to fight cancer?

According to an article titled “How cancer cells and infections get destroyed by vitamin C” published by Natural Health 365, “Vitamin C provides multi-layered immune system support by providing Natural Killer Cell support, neutrophil energy and cleanup, enhancing lymphocyte production, and raising antibody immunoglobulin levels.”

This means that Vitamin C directly effects ever single level of your immune system, providing optimal protection from any harmful disease or virus. With this immune support, your body is able to track, target, attack, and eradicate any cancer cells that plague your body.

An article titled “Vitamin-C Cancer Therapy” published by Nature Works Best says, “All of the conventional therapies have been successfully combined with high dose intravenous Vitamin C therapy, without detriment to the patient. In fact, it has been found by many Vitamin C patients that it strengthens them when their other treatments leave them nauseated and weak. It also has had a markedly beneficial effect on the pain that accompanies cancer and the conventional therapies.”

So if you are someone who is dealing with cancer, and is nervous about abandoning conventional treatment, do not fret. Vitamin C works along-side conventional methods and is extremely effective.

Taking vitamins is not only a way to treat diseases; it is an effective way to prevent them as well. Prevention is proving to be equally important in this day and age as treatment, and is something that we all need to be considering.

With 1 in 3 people being affected by cancer in their lifetime, it is time we start doing more than just trying to fix an already present problem. We must take precautionary measure to ensure a long and healthy life.



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