Medical marijuana is expected to rise globally, paving the way for new small businesses

It is nothing short of infuriating that marijuana is still criminalized in most parts of the United States. Since we know that cannabis is not only completely safe, but also has countless health benefits, the fact that it is illegal to indulge in cannabis seems all the more ridiculous. Of course, the only reason it remains illegal is because big businesses that are profiting off of the sale of pharmaceutical drugs campaign against it so that they can continue to line their own pockets.

Even the growing of hemp is strictly regulated. Fortunatly, hemp products are still legal. Hemp can also help to support good health — that’s why the Health Ranger has joined forces with Native Hemp Solutions to provide you with a hemp extract that’s trustworthy. These products have their CBD content tested and validated at CWC Labs — Mike Adams’ ISO-certified independent lab — to ensure authenticity.

Of course, the legal status of hemp doesn’t take away from the injustice that is marijuana prohibition.

Sadly, the average American seems unconcerned with the fact that recreational marijuana usage has remained against the law since it doesn’t directly effect them. But new information has been revealed that proves that the legalization of marijuana would help all of us in ways that most probably didn’t expect.

PR Newswire reports, “According to a research conducted by Research and Markets, the global legal market is expected to grow at a┬áCAGR rate of 37.38% during the period of 2016 – 2020. The report indicates that legal marijuana market covers products for both recreational and medicinal purposes.”

The expansion of legal marijuana sales means great things for business owners all across the United States. With marijuana legalized, small businesses will be created and will flourish, which is a great thing for the economy as a whole. Basically, if you are a capitalist or a logical person in general, you should actively be fighting for marijuana legalization of both recreational and medical variety.

What our economy needs the most right now is for small businesses to rise. Locally owned companies will then be able to flourish, stimulating the local economy and strengthening communities all across the United States. While the leftists will claim that Barack Obama has saved the American economy, that is a flat-out lie. There is so much room to improve and one of the largest steps we can take is by legalizing marijuana.

Regardless of the economical factors, the health benefits alone make it absolutely immoral to continue fighting against the decriminalization of the plant. We have seen statistic after statistic proving that countless diseases and illnesses are cured or relieved by cannabis, yet the powers that be continue to push their Big Pharma agenda. It’s disgusting and needs to be stopped immediately.

It’s time for us logical folks to fight back against their lies to stimulate the economy and save people’s lives. The federal government has dropped the ball and now it’s up to us.



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