Why chemotherapy is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on Americans who are fighting cancer

Consider this metaphor for a moment if you really want to understand why chemotherapy fails, on average, 97% of the people who get “administered” this horrendous cocktail of cancer-causing chemicals. Imagine for a moment you are swimming in a large outdoor swimming pool with several other people, including children, who may or may not be your own. In this pool, the water is clean and there is a deep end and a shallow end. You are swimming in the deep water, enjoying your relaxing time, floating around and watching the kids swimming and splashing at the other end, in the shallow area. Now, imagine that one of the adults in the deep end, near you, has an infectious skin disorder and needs some kind of medicine to treat it. Along comes the “pool doctor” with several buckets full of some super-intensive, high-powered, red-colored, chemical-based toxin that, when poured into the pool, will saturate the water and surely coat the infected person’s skin with the “medicine.”

The “pool doctor” pours in the poison, into the deep end of the pool, but only where the infected person is swimming, over near the diving board. You are on the other side of the deep end, and all the children are still in the shallow end. You watch, in horror, as the red-colored toxic treatment spreads about the pool, saturating the entire person’s body who is being “treated,” and then the treatment spreads to your part of the pool, and yes, of course, eventually to the shallow end. After a few minutes, the entire pool is dark red, and every person in the pool, including the children and even a pregnant woman, are completely immersed in the carcinogenic “therapy.” Do you think this is the best way to treat this infected individual’s skin (cell) disorder? What happens to all the healthy people and their healthy cells? Now consider how chemotherapy circulates throughout the body, heart, brain, and every cleansing organ of the human body. Is this metaphor “sinking in?”

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Chemotherapy is a blanket “solution” of poison that destroys the immune system and saturates every part of the body with toxins, creating new cancer tumors

Did you know that Nazi scientists invented chemotherapy? It’s true. When they first tested it, they learned quickly that chemo makes tumors shrink, only to return later with a vengeance, while other cancers develop in different parts of the body. Originally derived from the deadly mustard gas that was used as chemical warfare in World War I, chemotherapy creates an acidic environment in the blood and cleansing organs of your body, and that is exactly what cancer needs to survive and multiply.

That’s why after chemotherapy treatment, most oncologists can accurately tell their patients that the cancer has “rescinded” but that it could come back, and that they need to be “observed” and “retested” for several years to come.

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The biggest lie is that chemotherapy “targets” the cancer cells

Has the entire swimming pool turned red yet? Is your blood saturated with chemotherapy? Would you drop an atomic bomb on an entire country of healthy people in order to kill a few terrorists living in one secluded area? Are you falling for the biggest medical scam ever perpetrated on the American people, or are you alkalizing your body to kill the cancer cells while strengthening your healthy cells with superfoods and organic vegetables that boost immunity, provide nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics and good gut bacteria?

Did you know that most MDs and oncologists would never take chemotherapy for their own cancer nor would they prescribe or recommend it to their relatives? They know the damage it does. They’ve seen it in their own patients.

The power of vitamin C unleashed

Vitamin C, when administered in high doses, can kill cancer cells because it shuts down their energy supply. Cut off the fuel of the enemy and voila! Best part of all is that unlike chemotherapy, it doesn’t harm your healthy cells. It’s time to contact your Naturopathic Physician to find out more. In fact, over 75 years of medical research and clinical practice reveals that vitamin C has the power to ignite your self-healing response and cure your cell disorder. You see, cancer isn’t really a disease at all–your cells just need repair. Don’t swim in the chemical-laden “swimming pool.” It just doesn’t make sense. Make use of what indigenous people have used to stay healthy for millennium, long before all these preventable diseases were “epidemics.”

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