Progressives STUNNED to learn that all medicinal nutrients in herbs and plants are made out of carbon dioxide

Plants play a vital role in making the Earth a habitable, and healthy place. Plants provide food, clean air, clothing, and medicine. Unfortunately, left-wing “environmentalist” and pseudoscientists are on a mission to destroy it all.

Plants are natural air purifiers, providing the clean air all animals, humans included, need for their survival. As it turns out there is one feared molecule, CO2 or carbon dioxide, that is the driving factor behind all the plant goodness we enjoy every day. From the air we breathe and the food we eat to the plant medicines we use to address our ailments, CO2 is essential to all life on Earth.

Without it, there would be no life. Surprised to hear that? If the answer is YES, then you have been brainwashed by the mainstream media, fake scientists, government, and the so-called environmentalists that are on a mission to make this world a better, greener, CO2-free place.

At present, there is a huge debate going on about people’s impact on the planet. If we choose to believe the narrative of climate alarmists such as Al Gore, Bill Nye, Neil Tyson, and Elon Musk, then rising human-induced CO2 levels are destroying planet Earth. Though CO2 is the “greening” molecule for all plant life, they all call this vitally important molecule a “pollutant.”

While they repeatedly claim CO2 to be a “death” molecule for the planet, we at Natural News call it “The Miracle Molecule of Life.” For more information, watch this new mini-documentary by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Founder of Natural News. You’ll quickly learn that you have been lied to all along.

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CO2 is plant food, creating life and medicine all around us

Though climate change fanatics assert the cause is settled, the science surrounding climate change and global warming is far from settled. Setting the first federal limit on carbon pollution, President Obama’s Clean Power Plan was a hallmark of the president’s climate legacy, which has now come to an end.

Public statements on climate and energy can be very frustrating for anyone who understands basic science. Every real scientist will tell you carbon dioxide is essential for plant respiration via photosynthesis. Without CO2, they, and we, would suffocate in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, plants use CO2 to create THC, vitamin C, and anti-cancer nutrients such as curcumin and cannabinoids. Nearly every medicinal molecule that’s loved by herbalists, natural medicine practitioners, and medical cannabis advocates is created fromCO2.

As noted by Mike Adams, there are 21 carbon atoms found in one single cannabidiol or curcumin molecule. Where do you think plants get these carbon atoms to synthesize or manufacture these healing compounds? They get if from atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Yes, this is the very same molecule delusional climate change fanatics are trying to eliminate from this world because it is a pollutant.

“The entire world of natural medicine owes its very basis to CO2. This is why every herbalist, naturopath and medicinal arts practitioner should be in favor of carbon dioxide. Without this molecule, they would all be out of business (and dead, technically, since all life on the planet would collapse), ” he wrote.

Though many people still see CO2 as a pollutant, the tide is finally turning thanks to CO2 advocates, like Mike Adams, that are revealing the truth. According to Mike, every person who argues that carbon dioxide is bad for the planet is a “scientifically illiterate moron.”

Mike said: “These are often the very same people drinking green juice smoothies who don’t even know that plants are green precisely because chlorophyll harnesses carbon dioxide and sunlight to create plant energy. If any molecule is a ‘green’ molecule on our planet, it’s CO2!”

If they were to take a high school science test, they would all get an F grade because they simply fail to understand which molecules are involved, and vital, in photosynthesis, one of the most important processes sustaining all plant life, Mike explained.


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