Facebook PURGING all health freedom accounts in latest tyrannical effort to crush access to natural health, nutrition and alternative medicine information

The war on health freedom is raging on all fronts, with social media sites like Facebook making it clear that free-thinkers will not be tolerated. Facebook has been targeting conservative voices for a while now, but it seems that the censorship giant has added proponents of natural health and alternative medicine to their hit list.

Facebook’s ever-expanding war on what they declare to be “fake news” is just another Left-wing propaganda push in disguise. And now, Zuckerberg has announced that his company will be hiring an additional 3,000 employees to help scrub virtually every trace of dissenting thought from the social media network. Multiple natural health pages have already been dismantled by Facebook’s little web-gremlins.

Health freedom under fire

Facebook’s new scheme to take down the natural health community is a covert one; under their new rules for labeling “fake” news, groups that boast labels like organic, natural, traditional, wellness and the like can easily be flagged and taken down.

Health Freedom Idaho has compiled a list of some of the pages already taken out under the social media network’s censorship efforts. Some of these targeted pages had millions of followers — like “Natural Cures Not Medicine.” Others had hundreds of thousands of followers, like “Organic Health,” “Living Traditionally” and even a page named “Meditation Masters,” which were all shutdown within the last few weeks.

Apparently, if it doesn’t promote Big Pharma, it’s fake news.

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The hoax of “fake news”

Facebook announced its new rules for catching so-called fake news just a short time ago. Specifically, the social media giant will be requiring ads that feature “political” content to undergo an extensive verification process. As ProPublica reports, ads that appear to take a stance on topics deemed “national legislative issues of public importance” will be flagged. But these topics range from specific subjects like taxes to more broad ideas like “health” or “values.”

The use of such vague terms gives Facebook carte blanche to target whomever they so please. More, a company spokesperson says that the specific rules of how they plan to moderate “political” content will be kept under-wraps, in order to impede “bad actors who try to game our enforcement systems.”

Is that their only motive, though? LifeSiteNews says their pro-life ads have been repeatedly rejected by Facebook. Recent correspondence with the social media network revealed that while the imagery in their ads may have been “too strong” for the site, the overall message may have been a cause of rejection as well.

Does that count as censorship? Or is the pro-life message considered “fake news” now, too?

Further, Facebook announced that it would enlist pseudo-fact checker sites like Snopes and PolitiFact to “help” with their war on so-called fake news.

Both sites have been lambasted for their bias against conservatives — and studies have even been done to prove it. Dr. Robert S. Lichter, head of the Center for Media and Public Affairs, led a study in 2013 which found a substantial gap in how Republicans and Democrats were perceived by PolitiFact,and why those perceptions aren’t always grounded in truth. As U.S. News explains, the conclusions of fact-checking sites often has more to do with “how the statements were picked and the subjective bias of the fact checker involved than anything remotely empirical,” or “spinning stories than it does with evaluating statements.

The company goes to extreme lengths to present the illusion of transparency — but in reality, Facebook is silencing content at its own whim. Mass censorship on the social network is already underway, and it’s only going to get worse. Learn more at Censorship.news.

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